The T1D Family Growth Model Guidebook

Your go-to resource for a deeper understanding of diabetes and your child's rhythms, routines, and relationships.

Family First


Your family is the most important thing in the world, and you don't want diabetes to get in its way for a single second.


You're likely working around the clock to make sure that your child is healthy and safe, but you're also exhausted and feel like this is a lonely uphill battle.


What if you could maximize your time and start finding small ways to make big changes so that you and your family can relax and enjoy life the way it is meant to be?

There are some things you just won't get from your doctor, no matter how great they are. We're here to deliver the pieces you're missing.

This master resource will start to help you fill in the missing educational gaps you may be experiencing

You'll Learn about the T1D Family Growth Model and how it applies to the 5 topics of

Nutrition beyond Carbs

Insulin & Insulin Sensitivity

Exercise & Activity


Family Advocacy

The T1D Family Growth Guide is for You if You're Ready to:

  • Get support outside your endo's office with the tools you actually need to get ahead of your child's T1D

  • Shift from being reactive to being proactive with your child’s management

  • Understand the importance of nutrition beyond only counting carbohydrates
  • Take back control (and sleep!) in your role as caregiver and parent

  • Think beyond blood sugars and learn how to empower your child’s relationship with T1D

  • Implement new strategies to take your family’s T1D care to the next level

If you’re looking to validate your experiences as a T1D parent, continue learning beyond your child’s endo’s office, and discover strategies to take your family’s T1D care to the next level, the T1D Family Growth Guide is for you.