Food & Nutrition Series

This series encompasses the essential T1D nutrition strategies beyond carb counting to increase your sense of confidence and ability to enjoy food and with less stress and restriction. Anyone looking to have more food freedom without sacrificing their blood sugars will benefit from these classes. 

A comprehensive resource for adapting nutritional strategies and discovering food freedom with  T1D.
With over 90 minutes of video content, this series is designed to help you feel empowered making adjustments so that you can be fully present in your life, rather than worried about, scared of, and distracted by your food and diabetes.

Classes inside this series: 

  • Nutrition Level 1: The class on nutrition fundamentals
  • Nutrition Level 2: The class on relationship to food 
  • T1D management level 3: The class on management when out of routine

$89.00 USD

Add the Nutrition and Blood Sugar Guide to your T1D Educational Resources to improve your post meal blood sugars, feel supported in nutrition, and discover what foods make you feel amazing

What you'll get:

-7 days of blood sugar strategies

-Recipes: 50 nourishing recipes to support and fuel your body 

-7 day meal plan: Dietitian-designed meal plan for T1Ds looking for balance and sustainable guidelines

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