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Activity level 2: The class on exercise + insulin sensitivity

In this class, we dive into the fundamentals of insulin sensitivity, how exercise contributes to it and how to strategically approach workouts. 

What’s Inside: 

Lesson 1: What is Insulin Sensitivity?

  • How insulin works at the cellular level
  • What we can do to support that absorption, or increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin 
  • Why higher insulin sensitivity is helpful

Lesson 2: Common Misconceptions

  • When and why insulin sensitivity relates to exercise (and how it doesn’t!)
  • Common misconceptions that may be affecting your insulin sensitivity and exercise strategy

Lesson 3: Training with Insulin Sensitivity in Mind

  • How to use exercise to help you increase both your immediate and long-term insulin sensitivity
  • What types of exercise best support increased insulin sensitivity 
  • How rest and recovery play a role in blood sugar management