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Embracing and Enjoying Food with T1D

Most people living with T1D know that carbs impact their blood sugars. This class goes beyond the carbs to explain how other aspects of nutrition affect blood sugar management. You’ll expand your knowledge of nutrition and learn how you can eat a variety of foods with effective strategizing.

What’s inside: 

Lesson 1: Reading Nutrition Labels

  • What to look for on nutrition labels besides the carbs
  • How to use nutrition labels to create a dynamic insulin strategy that won’t send you skyrocketing high or crashing low in a few hours
  • How to crack the code in your post-meal blood sugar trends 

Lesson 2: Carbs + Glycemic Impact

  • What’s missing from your carb-counting strategy 
  • How to factor in the glycemic impact of carbohydrate foods
  • What to do when you can’t count carbs accurately 

Lesson 3: The Lost Three

  • Why fat, protein and fiber are just as important!
  • Understand the reason behind blood sugar patterns that aren’t just related to carbs in your food
  • How to strategize for more challenging foods (like pizza!) while keeping your numbers stable