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Staying In Range and Active with T1D

Whether you’re always stopping to treat a low or spiking high after your workouts, it can be frustrating to feel like diabetes is getting in the way of your activity. This class is all about how to stay in range before, during, and after exercise. You’ll learn what factors to look out for, how to plan based on timing and type of activity, and how to strategize for your particular challenge while keeping your blood sugars in check.

What’s Inside:

Lesson 1: Common frustrations, typical solutions, and factors to consider

  • What might be preventing you from working out with ease
  • Why your approach to managing blood sugars during exercise hasn’t been working
  • What factors contribute to out-of-range numbers during and after workouts

Lesson 2: The importance of activity TYPE and TIMING

  • How aerobic and anaerobic exercise impact blood sugars differently
  • Why hormones are important to consider when exercising
  • How to take into account the type and timing of your activity when planning your insulin and food strategy

Lesson 3: Exercise factors that lead to out of range numbers

  • What contributes to low blood sugars during workouts
  • What contributes to high blood sugars after workouts 
  • How specific tweaks can support your workout goals