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Unpredictability + Adaptability: Managing T1D Outside of Routine

So, you feel pretty good about managing your diabetes during a typical day. But when it comes to vacation, holidays, a new job, illness, or grief, it feels like it’s a diabetes free-for-all. This class is all about how to navigate T1D when your life takes you outside of your normal routine. We break down the essentials and the strategies that will help unfamiliar circumstances feel less daunting. Whether it’s big changes or just the change from weekday to weekend, this class will have you feeling confident and ready for spontaneity.

What’s Inside:

  • What factors are contributing to your up and down blood sugar trends when your routine is off with food, travel, or movement
  • How to make adjustments to minimize the impact of unpredictability on your blood sugars
  • How you can go outside your comfort zone with more in range numbers and less stress

Lesson 1: Out of Routine Encounters

  • How being out of routine can make T1D more complicated
  • How short-term, cyclical, and situational experiences can impact diabetes 
  • What you might see in your blood sugar trends when your routine is off 

Lesson 2: Factors at Play 

  • What to look out for when your schedule changes
  • How to make adjustments based on these factors
  • What you can do to minimize the impact of the unexpected

Lesson 3: Building Confidence Out of Routine

  • Why it’s important and necessary to go out of your comfort zone
  • How you can set yourself up to feel confident when life changes