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Insulin Sensitivity Series

Understanding how insulin works at the cellular level and how to recognize insulin resistance is an important part of taking diabetes management to the next level. Knowing what we can incorporate to increase insulin sensitivity allows us to eat more carbs with fewer spikes and spend more time overall in range. 

Classes inside this series: 

Increasing Insulin Sensitivity through Exercise

  • Understanding insulin sensitivity and how exercise impacts it
  • How we can strategically use our workouts to increase insulin sensitivity 
  • Common mistakes people make when trying to optimize their insulin sensitivity

Stress: The Silent Factor for Diabetes Control

  • What our stress hormones are doing behind the scenes that impact our blood sugars
  • How recognizing the ways stress shows up in our lives can be a huge missing puzzle piece in T1D management
  • How taking small steps towards reducing your overall stress levels will help with your insulin sensitivity

Sleep: The Missing Piece in T1D Education

  • How to set yourself up for steady blood sugars during the night
  • What might be causing mysterious blood sugar fluctuations while you’re sleeping
  • How your sleep impacts your immediate and long-term insulin sensitivity