$89.00 USD

Add The Class on Menstrual Cycle Blood Sugars to your T1D Educational Resources for only $39! In this video class led by Lauren you will:

  • Understand your hormonal fluctuations to better manage your blood sugars
  • Discover how hormone changes impact insulin sensitivity
  • Learn how to sync your diabetes management with your menstrual cycle for optimal insulin sensitivity

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Insulin Sensitivity Series

Understanding how insulin works at the cellular level and how to recognize insulin resistance is essential for taking diabetes management to the next level. If you want to eat more carbs with fewer spikes and spend more overall time in range, this series is for you. 

A comprehensive resource for learning how to increase your insulin sensitivity. 

With over 90 minutes of video content, this series is designed to help you uncover root causes of insulin resistance and guide you with implementable steps to sustainably increase your insulin sensitivity.

Classes inside this series: 

  • Hormones level 1: The class on sleep + blood sugar connections

  • Hormones level 2: The class on impact of stress

  • Activity level 2: The class on exercise + insulin sensitivity