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The Missing Piece in T1D Education

Whether your sleep is often interrupted by CGM low alarms throughout the night or you’re waking up in the morning to a high blood sugar, what happens while you are asleep is just as important to understand as the rest of your day. This class is all about how to stay in range overnight so that you can improve your quality of rest AND understand what your trends throughout the day are telling you about your sleep. You’ll learn what factors impact your blood sugar overnight and how to strategize for better rest.

What’s Inside: 

Lesson 1: Quality of Sleep and Overnight Blood Sugars

  • What habits prevent you from staying in range overnight
  • What might be causing mysterious blood sugar fluctuations while you’re sleeping
  • How to set yourself up for steady blood sugars during the night

Lesson 2: Uncovering Deeper Connections with Sleep

  • How your sleep impacts your immediate and long-term insulin sensitivity
  • How does your body tell you when it’s not getting enough sleep 
  • What can you consider to support your body when you’re not getting adequate rest 

Lesson 3: Working Towards Supportive Sleep

  • How getting great sleep has much more to do with your entire day than you might think
  • What top three strategies to experiment with in order to improve your sleep (besides limiting your screen time before bed!