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Stress: The Silent Factor for Diabetes Control

While some parts of diabetes management are tangible, like counting carbs and dosing insulin, there is a big behind-the-scenes player that is important to understand as well. This class covers stress hormones and how they impact blood sugars. Plus, we brainstorm ways  to reduce stress to improve insulin sensitivity and overall well-being on a daily basis. 

What’s Inside: 

  • What your stress hormones are doing behind the scenes and how they affect blood sugars
  • How to predict stress + strategize for it
  • How reducing your overall stress in small strategic ways that will help keep your blood sugars and A1C on track through the season

Lesson 1: Make Friends, Not Enemies

  • What our stress hormones are doing behind the scenes
  • How these hormones affect blood sugars
  • How awareness of this natural function within the body can be a huge missing puzzle piece in T1D management

Lesson 2: Situational Stress

  • How to recognize stress showing up in our lives: work, relationships, or even disguised in our typical morning beverage
  • How predicting stress allows us to strategize for it, which is a game changer!

Lesson 3: Finding YOUR Pockets of Stress

  • Where stress is most prevalent in your life and how it shows up in your blood sugar patterns
  • Why chronic stress makes T1D more challenging
  • How to take small steps towards reducing your overall stress levels