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Mindset and Mental Health Series

Because T1D is just as mental and emotional as it is physical, this series was created to support your mind. The constant demands of T1D can be exhausting, so it's as essential to address mental health and mindset as it is to focus on blood sugar and A1C goals. T1D burnout, acceptance, and relationship with food are often linked together and this series covers all three. 

Classes inside this series:

Breaking Free From T1D Burnout

  • What signs and signals you might notice if you are going through burnout
  • How to dig into the root of burnout as the first step towards overcoming it
  • 7 ways to nurture your burnout so you can begin to feel like yourself again

Becoming One with Diabetes

  • How to acknowledge where you are in your relationship with diabetes
  • How to work through the stages of grief and shame and why it’s normal to need to work on acceptance
  • What you can do to step into your ownership and how that will propel you forward. 

Embracing and Enjoying Food with T1D

  • How to use nutrition labels to create a dynamic insulin strategy that won’t send you skyrocketing high or crashing low 
  • What’s missing from your carb-counting strategy 
  • How to strategize for more challenging foods (like pizza!) while keeping your numbers steady