A1C Shift Method + Insulin Sensitivity Course

A 5-week online class that supports T1Ds in learning sustainable strategies to lower their A1C, and staying in range for the long term. 

What’s Inside: 

Every module includes video presentations, worksheets, and templates.

Module 1: The Grounding phase

Establish a blank slate to better understand yourself and what you need to reach success.

Module 2: The Observing phase

Understand how multiple factors relate to each other and how they're impacting you specifically.

Module 3: The Testing phase

Strip away the variables to discover what’s working and what’s not, and make necessary adjustments to strengthen your baseline. 

* Taught by guest coach Caitlin Crawford, RD and CDCES

Module 4: the Building phase

Expand on your strong base of awareness and stable numbers with the habits you need to keep moving forward.

* Taught by guest coaches Diana (RD, CDCES) and Jose, exercise physiologist 

Module 5: The Adapting phase 

Apply everything you’ve learned to literally any situation outside your normal routine so that you never feel limited by your T1D.

The A1C Shift Method has worked for 300+ Risely clients. It’ll work for YOU, too.

$497.00 USD

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