12 Week Climb Workout Program

Ready To Transform Your Mind And Body In Just 12 Weeks? Let's Do It.

What you'll get:

  • + 12 weeks of workouts ( gym based but can be modified to do at home)
    + 4-5 workouts per week ( 50+ workouts)
    + Mapped out weekly schedule of cardio + training sessions
    + Images with each exercise demonstrating each move
    + FAQ section

Meet Your Programers

Risely founder Lauren Bongiorno and Risely coach Jessica Bonilla created this ebook to help people living with Type 1 Diabetes feel more confident and empowered in their bodies. Together, they are certified in group exercise, personal training, yoga, as well as hold national board health coaching credentials. They are big proponents of strength training and have seen massive improvements in body composition, insulin sensitivity, and blood sugars personally, and for Risely clients.

12 Week Climb terms of Use

$87.00 USD