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Breaking Free From T1D Burnout

Making space for your mental and emotional health as a person with type 1 diabetes is so important. By being here, you are doing a great job showing up for yourself. In this class, we are going to dive into burnout: what it is, how it shows up, where it comes from, and how to nurture this part of your journey. This class is about being vulnerable, meeting yourself where you are, and knowing this is a safe space to connect with people who truly get it.

What’s Inside: 

Lesson 1: Different Signs of Burnout

  • How burnout is a spectrum and there is no ONE way to experience it
  • What signs and signals a T1D might notice if they are going through burnout

Lesson 2: Roots and Types of Burnout

  • Why digging into the root of burnout is the first step towards overcoming it
  • What are the differences between internal and external causes of burnout
  • How to identify your personal type of burnout 

Lesson 3: Nurturing Your Burnout

  • How to explore LB’s 7 ways of nurturing your burnout so you can begin to feel like yourself again