Finally lower your A1C... and keep it there. 

Go beyond the basics in this FREE masterclass and learn what has helped hundreds of our coaching members lower their A1C, increase their time in range, and transform their every day life with T1D.

Sunday, October 1st

This masterclass is for you if...

  • You’ve been trying to lower your A1C for a while but find yourself hitting up against the same blocks.
  • You need more support than what you are getting from your endo
  • You are overwhelmed by the variables and don’t know where to start   

During our time together we will:

  • Identify the top 3 mistakes people make that keep them from reaching their T1D goals
  • Learn my exact strategy for how to lower your A1C without all the guesswork and overwhelm
  • Implement tangible next steps to bridge the gap between your current A1C and where you want to be


Have you ever canceled an endo appointment because you were dreading your A1C results?

Maybe you thought an extra month or two would help you improve your numbers.
Or maybe you felt that whether you saw your doctor or not, nothing would really change so why bother showing up. 

The overwhelm, frustration, and shame that can come with trying to manage your blood sugars, lower or maintain your A1C, and feel confident with T1D is real. 

We know, because we’ve been there too. 

What if there was a reliable process that eliminates the guesswork around identifying your patterns so that you could make sustainable changes and get the results you desire? 

That’s exactly what you will learn in this brand new 75-minute masterclass!

Get the exact steps that have helped 650+ T1Ds feel less overwhelmed and more confident in their management... and then
 maybe you will even look forward to your next endo appointment.


The road to more T1D confidence doesn't have to be overwhelming. We're here to help.